Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking out

Looking out the window of my room,

Gratefulness fills my heart for I live in a house;

The realization of my mother’s dream.

From here I see highway 35, people hurrying to work each day;

For a piece of that American dream, yet I’m already living that dream;

You are going john, I’m already here!

It is until you’ve taken a 3 week trip in the back of a truck with 80 people, you’ve never met;

Sweaty, hungry, the dirty scent of fear floating in the air;

Surrounded by the smell of feces and vomit, children crying in the background;

Those strangers, now your family, all on the lookout for “La Migra”;

That you will know why we are grateful to be here!

Why do you struggle to get there, when we are already here?

You see, we also drive that freeway to the American dream;

Yet our ride is through mountains, a river called “Grande”, through barbwire and 20 foot fences;

Carrying by day the fear of being shot, running through the night on a never ending nightmare.

Hot air burning through our skin with dust and sand, snakes rattling, scorpions creeping, and hundreds

Of other desert perils keeping you awake;

Yet our commute takes days, while yours takes a lifetime!

We are a nation of invisible workers… A people of grateful hearts that make the comfort of the

American dream a reality to you!

Singing while cleaning your toilets, dancing while sweeping and mopping your floors;

Laughing while taking out your trash and even joking about our social security cards. All this so you can

Worry about more important things like: “what time is your break?” or “where is happy hour tonight?”

You see Johnny, we have no “breaks”, but our “happy hour” is now!

We’re already living the dreamwe’re already here!

That’s why we dance, sing, listen to crazy loud music, cook, make love with passion, and have many,

Many kids!

Just take the exit off that freeway to nowhere;

Stop at the closest fast food joint with

Maria dancing by the grill… take the time to really look into her eyes, and then you will know

Why she is happy.

Don’t be puzzled if I smile, when in frustration you yell:

“You’re in America pedro, speak English!”

I smile with a joy fill heart because…

“I am in America, john…

Be me for a day, then you will know!”

im gunna die tomorrow?!?!

so check it out ray and i got caught by the mafia stealing their pinche bread and their don says he wants us deleted..but before his men end us we are given 10 million dollars. i look at him and cry because i have never seen that much money in mi vida except their is one little problem....they already killed ray so im on my own with the money hahaha ray. so for realz now ese, i would go to mexico and california to meet my family i have never met. make a 10 min epic movie with ray with our own epic music in the background. i dont know where this place would be at but go to city where its nothing but club banging music and dance like locos and then go salsa dancing. also want to go to guelaguetza its a oaxaquenan restaurant in la city the food they make is the same food where my fam is from and i need to have that taste before i die. so i would do fun things i have never done before and to end this i would go to church to repent for everything i have done before i die so i can go to el cielo guey fin!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What are the 10 most important moments in your life to this point?

the ten most important things that has happened to me was the beginning of pre-school still not knowing that i have the privelege that other hispanic kids dont have to start school in the u.s. being an older is also important to me because i am there to help out my younger bro and sisters. another moment that i wont forget either is when my brother survived cancer not knowing that i wouldnt of had a brother. fourth important moment is when i first got a gameboy advance with street fighter 3 alpha when my parents barely had money and they wanted to buy something new

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Etheree Poetry

are there;
i am here.
waiting for me
until i get there.
you're the only person
i want to spend my life with.
yo no puedo vivir sin ti.
y tu no puedes vivir sin mi
life is to short, just want to be with you

How ridiculous I was as a...

how ridiculous i was as a drench silly goofy twist octopus student coming in class at 8:32 a.m guey fin!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Acrostic Poetry (Name Poem):


by luis junior guey

riding in the wind

over the beautiful sea

diving into the air

oh i see the reflection of me

living life with aqua
far away no where
over the beautiful sea

ways you would change the world if you could.

ok so check it out hynas this is for real eses no joke. the ways that i would change the world would be that there would be no war, im saying this because there is nothing good about war but there is a reason why everyone fights in it, for poder guey!!!another thing that i would do is have everyone look for and jump ray because he is the splinter of this world, siempre chingando never does anytyhing right especially in creative writing class. always encabronando el maestro. he is the cause and effect why there is sooooo much hatred in this world and poverty. can you believe thaty this foo steals food from pobres no mames guey. we have to get rid of that as much as weneed to get of racism. which is my next topic. racism... whats the point of hating your black/mexican/white/asian/indian neighbor??is it because he has better things and a better hyna so you decide to hate him...vete a la chingada you racist people!!anybody that judges and gets caught should have like some type of discipline idk what not saying that i would actually have it as a law because instead chasing and tormenting ray they would come after me